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Buy this Northern Qi 550-577AD at The Lamb Arcade

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Northern Qi 550-577AD

Description: Northern Qi (550-577AD) horse with red harness and red necklet with tassles. The chest adorned with a band suspending seven large conch shaped tassles with bronze bells attached. Hollow back with long crimson saddle cloths flaring widely to either side and impressed with floral patterns. The rounded haunches covered with textiles with three tassles below either side, with 21 half round decorations. The head has a floral plume. Beautifully sculpted head. A similar figure with straw coloured glaze exists in the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, illustrated in (Chinese ceramics in the Avery Brundage collection) 1967 plate 17. Much pigment remaining. 32cm long x 42cm high. (CA5)
Condition: Excellent
Price: 12000
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