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Otodus Shark Teeth

Description: Thought to be an ancestor of the largest predatory shark to have ever lived the extinct Carcharodon Megalodon and its living relative todays Great White shark. These specimens are from the Early Eocene c 52 million years ago. The age of these teeth is approx, it is usually based upon the formation that the teeth were discovered in. These teeth were discovered in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, North Africa at a height of 11,000 feet. One of the earliest giant sharks, that may be the ancestor of most, if not all, living Mackeral Sharks. Megalodon, the largest predatory shark ever to have lived is a descendant of this giant shark. Its living relatives are the two current rulers of the open water, the White Pointer (Great White Shark) and the Blue Pointer (Mako Shark). We have several specimens on display. Mounted from ?6, and necklace and pendents from ?4.50.
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